Worm Oasis

Composting means to recycle your food! If we recycle our food waste, and we recycle the regular dry "recyclables" (like glass, plastic, metals & paper products), then you will find very little going to landfills. Furthermore, composting is amazing for our soils - and soils give us life.  You don't have a garden, you say? No problem! A worm farm is perfect for you. 

The Worm Oasis is a 5-star hotel for your worms, and it will keep them contained and content!

It's no ordinary worm farm. It is UV resistant, strong and durable. It includes two working trays with an additional drainage tray (so it is a 3 tiers farm). There is a built-in tap that collects the worm liquid which can be used on your garden. The unit is sold together with a coco coir block to be used in your worm bedding, a worm blanket, 500 composting worms and the instruction manual.


* 3 Tier system (Stackable layers)

* Worm Tea Collection tray with Tap

* Outer Size: 42 x 49 x 52cm high 

* Colour: Dark green

* Material: LPDE Polyethylene (Recyclable)

* Made in South Africa

* Includes:

* 500 x Worms provided in a reusable black bucket

* Coco Coir block (to use for the bedding)

* a Worm Blanket (to cover the top, keeping fruit flies away & keeping worms cool in summer (when wet))

* Easy-to-Understand Instruction Pamphlet

**Always keep your worm farm away from direct sunlight!

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