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Reviewing a company, especially a small one like WAWO, makes a world of a difference for many reasons: 1) It helps other like-minded people to find our products on search engines and 2) it helps interested people to trust that they will receive what we set out on our website.

HOW TO REVIEW US? Click here and it will take you to the Google page. Feel free to be as honest as possible - if you happen to have had a bad experience, we encourage you to email our director with details of your experience - as we strive for the BEST service at ALL TIMES.


Reviewing your products is a really kind way of helping others choose what they need for their own homes. Some recycling and composting products work for you, while they may not work for others duo their different space or different cooking habits (as an example). So giving a detailed review on your experience of the products can help someone else make a decision for themselves. And don't you find it helpful to read others' reviews as well? It's all about helping others. So find your product on the website and go ahead and review it for everyone's benefit! Thank you for doing so.