Frequently Asked Questions – www.WAWO.co.za

Do the Online prices include VAT? And delivery costs?

YES! the Online store's prices shown are per unit, including VAT but prices do exclude the delivery costs.

Delivery Costs are calculated on Check-Out, depending on your delivery address location and the size of your order. Note that Shipping to Cape Town , Johannesburg and Pretoria addresses, where orders are a minimum of R750, will automatically have a free shipping (T&Cs apply though).

Can I order the entire Postwink range of products on this website?
The short answer is no. The recycling bins, bag liners and/or posters on the Online shop include only those items we keep stock of, and therefore, it excludes the likes of the INOX stainless steel units, the Monochrome bins, the Leather-touch bins, the Titanic, and the Recycling Igloo (among others) – all of which are very popular recycling bins for our commercial clients, but are manufactured on order. To enquire about these units, please email info@postwink.co.za.

Are the Fabric-coated & Recycling Boxes cardboard bins sold individually or in sets, and can I change the colours of these bins?
The bins are sold individually (so the units prices on the Online store are per unit, not per set), and these are pre-printed as follows: Blue for Paper, Yellow for Plastic, Green for Glass, Red for Tin Cans, Black for General Waste and Green for Recyclable waste. To change the colours or wording of these units, or to add a logo, we require a minimum order of 350 units per colour; and these are ordered via headoffice. Please email info@postwink.co.za to ask for your quote.


What colours do you use for the various Recycling Labels?

Although there is no legal framework for the recycling colours, there are some "best practices". In South Africa (and hence at Postwink), the colours used are as follows:

-Blue for Paper ; -Red for Tin Cans ; -Green for Glass (we use a light green); -Yellow for Plastic; -Brown for Composting/Food waste; -Green for Mixed Dry Recyclables (we use a bright green); -Black for "General Waste" - which normally refers to the contaminated waste not recycled and not composted. Postwink uses a charcoal colour for aesthetic reasons.

Can Postwink deliver internationally?
Using the Online Shop www.wawo.co.za, you will NOT be able to order for an order to be delivered outside of South Africa.
That said, we can arrange deliveries to Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Zambia and Lesotho, but these orders need to be placed with our headoffice, via info@postwink.co.za.

Exchanges & Return – How do I return an item?
Should you not be satisfied with your purchase, you have 7 working days to contact us to say so . Please email us at hello@postwink.co.za for Returns and clearly state "RETURNS" in the Subject line, for quicker processing. For all returns, you will be required to put the items back in its original packaging , and we will arrange our couriers to come collect from you.
On receipt of the returned goods, the replacement items will be shipped as soon as possible within 5 working days. Should a refund be required, we will request a proof of bank account and refund within 5 working days of receiving this. View our Returns & Refund Page for more information on this.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes, you are entitled to cancel your order prior to you receiving a notification that the order has been dispatched from our warehouse. If the order has already been dispatched, then you will be required to go through the “Return” process highlighted above.

How do I receive a Tax Invoice?

Once order confirmation, you will automatically receive an invoice for your order. If you have not received this invoice or if you require changes to the invoice (e.g. different entity name , VAT number etc..), please email accounts@postwink.co.za with the information you require on your invoice.


Do you have a question on lead times and Shipping? View the "Shipping" Page.