Zero Waste Cleaning

Zero Waste Cleaning, in our view, is not about NO-WASTE at all, as we understand this is not always easy to do depending where you live. However, we can try to reduce our impact and clean in a way which is both more gentle on the planet, as well as on our skins!

Our Zero Waste cleaning focuses on Ecofriendly cleaning products which can be bought in BULK containers (or have a refillable option, like the Bacterrorist).

The concentrated, multi-purpose environmentally-friendly cleaning detergent, the BACTERRORIST, replaces many of your cleaning products as it can be used on multiple surfaces, to clean ovens & hobs, windows, glass and steel surfaces.

The Better Earth range, also available in bulk 5L and 25L bottles, does not only smell amazing, but it is made from natural sources and is gentle on your skin and your home.

Both Better Earth and the Bacterrorist are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty, and are bottled in Cape Town.

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