About Us


Hello. We are WAWO.


Pronounced [ WAY – WOH]


Our Purpose: to rid the planet of waste pollution.

Our Mission:to help transform household waste into worth!


Household Waste Management Made Easy!

We know you want to live cleaner and greener, but it’s not always that easy right!? What is the correct way to compost? Which recycling bins should one use? Do you mix the paper and plastic? We understand there can be so many questions – and we are here with the answers to help simplify your journey. You see, our parent company, Postwink, has been helping big corporates on this journey for well over a decade – and we now bring this expertise and knowledge into your home.


Products and Solutions

From recycling to composting, we have a diverse range of beautiful functional products all conveniently available for purchase from our online store. And together with those recycling and composting products, we've also included collections of home products that will help you towards a Zero Waste home


Better Today for a Better Tomorrow

Recycling, Composting, Reducing your packaging, etc... are also part of us becoming conscious consumers. And we want you to feel inspired, supported and empowered in your eco-journey as you care for yourself, your family, and our beautiful planet! No effort is too small – and together, we can create big change. 

How did we come about?

WAWO is a Postwink-owned business, where Postwink has been promoting and educating about recycling and waste separation since 2008. 

Postwink to date remains in its original form - which is to focus on projects and products that are suited for corporate companies, schools, commercial properties and municipalities. Postwink's online store called ShopPostwink was started in 2018 with the aim to help conscious consumers to order home-friendly recycle bins, compost bins, bokashi and reusable products (that aim at reducing our waste output in general).

With ShopPostwink's online success, it was decided it was time for this online shop to take its own name and grow in line with our customers' wants and wishes. We believe with the birth of WAWO, that this will enable our shoppers to choose from an even better and wider eco-friendly range of waste-conscious products for their homes.

We hope you will enjoy shopping with us, and that we make it just a bit easier to become an eco-conscious individual and family. 

And did we mention we deliver NATIONWIDE within in South Africa?!

Thank you for joining us on our mission – turning trash into treasure and waste into worth!

Yours in recycling,

The WAWO team

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