Worm Blanket

Busy putting together a worm farm or upgrading your current one? These natural hessian worm blanket were made to cover your worms and their food - to deter little flying insects from getting to the fruit scraps. In summer (in hot conditions), also wet the blanket to keep your worms at the right temperature - happy worms mean they will thank you by eating more and more! 

What's in the Box:

1 x Hessian Worm blanket

These fit both the Worm Oasis or the Worm Tower

Note that our worm farms sold on WAWO already include 1 x blanket. So this is an add-on in case you'd like an extra unit or are building your own farm. 

Looking for a worm farm? Have a look at our Worm Oasis and Worm Tower - all comes with 1 x tub of 500 worms, a Coco coir brick (for the bedding) and a hessian blanket!