Sesame Sensor-touch Steel Recycling bin: 50L

This high-quality #430 stainless steel Sensor-Touchless 2 compartment recycling bin will fit perfectly in your home or office kitchen.

The Sesame is fingerprint resistant and has infrared motion sensor technology. The automatic lid enables you to place waste directly into the bin making dealing with waste cleaner and easier. The lid locks in odours and eliminates cross-contamination of germs while allowing for the separation of waste and recyclable products at the source.


* 2 divisions, with built-in bag holder (hidden when closed)

* Material: #430 Stainless Steel (brushed steel)

* Fingerprint resistant

* 2 labels included: Recyclable and Non-Recyclable.

* 2 x regular +C Batteries (included with purchase) 

* Each compartment can fit regular sized plastic liners.

* Quality sensor-touch technology opens the lid when you're hovering your hand over the sensor.

* Capacity: 50 Litres; Product Outer Dimensions (when closed): 42 x 29 x 67cm H.


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