Recycling Stickers - Teardrop

Waste Names

Made from UV-resistant quality vinyl, Postwink's recycling labels match South African standards for quality and colours. 

Individual Label Specifications:

* 12 x 12cm
* Shape of a Drop / Teardrop (not completely round)


Options available:

* Set of 2 labels: 1 x Green for Recyclable Dry Waste; 1 x Charcoal for Non Recyclable -where the drops "face each other" like in the image. (Like those seen on the 2-Compt Sesame Bins)

* Individual label: choice between :

- Green for Recyclable Dry Waste;

- Charcoal for Non Recyclable ;

- Light Brown for Composting;

- Blue for Paper; 

- Red for Tin Cans;

- Light Green for Glass;

- Yellow for Plastic.

These labels fit the side of the Sesame bins perfectly, or stick them on cardboard boxes or bin of your choice

Looking for a different colour, a more personalised label with your company logo or a different waste name? Email us for customized branding and labeling options.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Teardrop Recycling stickers

I ordered 4 (paper, plastic, glass & tin)
The only good quality one (thick & very sticky) was the tin one, the rest won't last, so I'm slightly disappointed.