Light Garden Composter 150L

Do you have a garden and want to contain your food waste and garden waste into a composting bin, to turn your waste to compost? Using this 150L Light Garden Composter will work for you.

Product Specifications:

*Colour: Black

*Material: HDPE Plastic (Recyclable)

*Comes as a single unit with small front door, which can be lifted/removed for ease of access to the Composter content.

* Outer Dimensions: approx. 50 x 50 x 76cm (H)

* Bin is 70cm high. The Height of 76cm includes the lid handle of 6cm. Lid can be removed and lifted off the unit.

*This unit does NOT have a base - you would dig a shallow hole (approx. 8cm) to place the composter inside the soil. This speeds up the composting process as the soil's natural bacteria helps with the process.

* Capacity: approx. 150 litres ;

* Made in South Africa.

Note we recommend 2 separate Garden composters so the full one can have time to do its work while the empty one gets filled. 

How does it work?

1) Find the right place in your garden for your Garden Composter, remember the composter should be in an easily accessible place.
2) When setting up the bin, secure it by digging a hole approximately 8cm deep, place the bin inside the hole and cover the bin lip with the soil. 
3) Cover the bin with the lid.
4) Throw your organic waste via the lid on the top. Retrieve the pre-compost using the front door.

What to include in your Composter:

* You will need an even balance of green waste (like lawn, food scraps) and brown waste (like leaves, twigs).
* Most food waste from your kitchen can be added, as well as garden cuttings, leaves, straw, twigs, newspaper.
* To ensure you don’t attract rodents, leave out meat waste and dairy products. Also, exclude plants that have been sprayed with chemicals.
* It is not necessary to add water or activating agents, although if it looks very dry, add more “green waste” or add a little water.
* Once a week, turn the compost mix inside using a stick or garden fork.
* After 3 to 6 months, the content should start turning into “dark soil” and have an earthy smell – compost will be ready to use in your garden.

Note a Garden Composter works well with a Bokashi system to allow for the food waste to have started its composting process before being put inside the composter. This will speed up the composting process.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Nice sturdy compost bin!

Very happy with the overall quality of this compost bin. The plastic feels thick and sturdy and the lid fits nicely.