Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel 5L Compost counter bin

Who said composting couldn't be done with style?

This quality stainless steel compost bin makes food scrap collection easy for composting - throw in your food / organic waste while cooking, to ensure it is kept separate and ready for your compost heap or your hungry worms. Stainless steel is also timeless and the size of 5L is larger than then regular 3L capacity of the most common counter bins - ideal for a keen chef (who cook from scratch) or for larger families.


- Removable lid for trouble-free emptying

- Easily rinses clean

- Capacity 5 Litres

- Come with a long-lasting carbon filter

- Dishwasher Safe (without the filter)

Note that a replacement filter for this product is available for purchase.  

Kitchen Craft is a global brand and hence this is an imported product.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jo Halse
Stunning Product!

Top quality, perfect size, and attractive... excellent purchase!

This review makes us so happy! We glad that our product met your expectation and we look forward to your next purchase!

Stunning Product

Love this countertop compost bin. It is hight quality and looks awesome. I love that it can go in the dishwasher, takes way more than most other bins and there is no paint to peel off like all my other ones have done. Worth the spend!