Replacement Filter for Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Compost bin

Do you need a replacement carbon filter for your Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel compost counter bin? A Carbon filter is ideal to absorb odours in their track. Only replace when your current one seems to not be doing its job any more.


- Removable stand-alone, long-lasting carbon filter

- Size: 190mm diameter with central screw hole

- NOT dishwasher safe

- To be used only with the Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Compost bin 5L


Information on your bin:

This quality stainless steel compost bin makes food scrap collection easy for composting - throw in your food / organic waste while cooking, to ensure it is kept separate and ready for your compost heap or your hungry worms. Stainless steel is also timeless and the size of 5L is larger than then regular 3L capacity of the most common counter bins - ideal for a keen chef (who cook from scratch) or for larger families.

The filter is, on average, to be replaced every 3 or 4 months, but this depends on the individual households. It may be shorter or longer, depending on the household's usage of the bin.

Kitchen Craft is a global brand and hence this is an imported product.

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