Ecocylinder 1-waste Recycle Bin

Dark Grey
Waste Names

The 1-waste Ecocylinder Recycling bin is rotomoulded for durability with its robust recyclable plastic (polyethylene) material. Made in South Africa, this 100-liter bin measures 49 x 49 x 67cm in size and fits the standard recycling bag (sold here).

The lid is labeled using a scratch-resistant and UV-resistant vinyl. Labels available include:

- Blue for Paper

- Light Green for Glass

- Red for Tin Cans

- Yellow for Plastic

- Charcoal for General Waste

- Green for Recyclable Dry Waste (i.e. the mixed recyclables)


WAWO Tip: Because of their size, these are great to keep in the garage to store recyclables in between drop-offs/collections.

*Looking for customised labeling or the unit in a different colour? Contact Postwink directly here with all your customised requests. Note the prices may differ.