Earth Bokashi 700g

Earth Bokashi is proudly South African - it includes South African microbes and quality waste ingredient, such as sawdust (which would have ended up in landfills). Earth Bokashi neutralises fermentation odours, while delivering the right carbon and nitrogen balance to assist with fermentation.

When it is added to your food waste, it activates the microbes and starts an anaerobic (without air) fermentation process - this means the rotting of the food waste is stopped (hence its use towards smells) and the result is food waste can be more easily absorbed by soil and turned into compost.

Add a small scoop of Earth Bokashi in your compost bin with every throw-away, and the results are not just good for the earth, but good for everyone in the kitchen!

Reuse your 700g container - either for food waste collection, or to refill your Earth Bokashi (Refill packets available in 2Kg and 4Kg size or Bulk Size of 25Kgs available).


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For more information on composting with Bokashi, read our FAQ page HERE.