Bokashi Starter-Pack

For composting in your kitchen, we recommend having 2 of the Bokashi bins, so when one is full, leave it for 2 weeks to ferment.

This black 25L bin has a strainer and a tap for the concentrated "earth juice", which (when diluted with water) is amazing for your plants.

Each bin has a tight lid (to keep sealed at all times) and is ideal to store up to 18Kgs of Food Waste.

Note hat we recommend still having a counter bin to collect your food scraps as you make them: this ensures that the bin is not open more than once daily (as this type of composting works best without air).

This Starter-Pack includes:

2 x 25L Bokashi Bins (sealed lid, come with strainer and tap)

1 x 700g tub of Bokashi bran

1 x Instructions on how to set it up & what is Compostable. 

Refills of Bokashi Bran or Bulk Bags of Bokashi Bran available on this store.

What is Bokashi you ask?

Earth Bokashi is proudly South African - it includes South African microbes and quality waste ingredient, such as sawdust (which would have ended up in landfills). Earth Bokashi neutralises fermentation odours, while delivering the right carbon and nitrogen balance to assist with fermentation.

When it is added to your food waste, it activates the microbes and starts an anaerobic (without air) fermentation process - this means the rotting of the food waste is stopped (hence its use towards smells) and the result is food waste can be more easily absorbed by soil and turned into compost.

Add a small scoop of Earth Bokashi in your compost bin with every throw-away, and the results are not just good for the earth, but good for everyone in the kitchen!

Bins and Bokashi bran made in South Africa.

For more information on composting with Bokashi, read our FAQ page HERE.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Awesome way to start composting

I was really hesitating to start composting but the Bokashi starter pack is just perfect for us. It gave me lot of fertilizer that I use every week to feed my garden and plants!

Stephanie Ellis
Great product

Efficient from the website to pick up. I am very happy with this product. Excited to see my kitchen waste turn into something useful. Thanks.

Brilliant system

It works. There is less garbage. When you open the bin you smell decomposing matter. I have not figured out what to do with all the juice yet. There are solids that remain in the bin, thus a composter is the next step or make a compost heap. Get additional bran from the start.

Wiedaad Nordien
Composting Game Changer

It has changed the way I compost. I have less trips to the composting heap and almost no flies to speak of. I keep this system in my kitchen and is quick and easy to use. There is no unpleasant smell (slight acetic smell). I've just purchased another starter kit as a gift!
Thank you Wawo/Postwink! I'm finally winning at composting.