Bokashi Compost Bin 25L

Using this Bokashi composting bin and the WAWO Bokashi, you are now ready to compost all your organic waste in your kitchen.

For composting in your kitchen, we recommend having 2 of these bins, so when one is full, leave it for 2 weeks to ferment (unless you have a compost heap in your garden already, or a food waste collection, then just 1 unit would work).

This black 25L bin has a strainer and a tap for the concentrated "earth juice", which (when diluted with water) is amazing for your plants.

This bin can collect up to 18Kgs of Food waste. 

We also recommend to use a separate counter food scrap bin to gather your food scraps as you make them, then only open the Bokahsi bin once daily -rather than a few times a day. As this type of composting works best without air.

Kindly read our instructions about Bokashi composting! the composting process within the bin does take some time! The bins come with instructions and a list of what you can compost (and not).

Remember to buy your Bokashi with this bin!

Refills of Bokashi (even in Bulkquantity) of Bokashi available on WAWO.


What is Bokashi you ask?

Bokashi includes South African microbes and quality waste ingredient, such as sawdust (which would have ended up in landfills). Bokashi neutralises fermentation odours, while delivering the right carbon and nitrogen balance to assist with fermentation.

When it is added to your food waste, it activates the microbes and starts an anaerobic (without air) fermentation process - this means the rotting of the food waste is stopped (hence its use towards smells) and the result is food waste can be more easily absorbed by soil and turned into compost.

Add a small scoop of Bokashi in your compost bin with every throw-away, and the results are not just good for the earth, but good for everyone in the kitchen!

Bins and Bokashi bran made in South Africa.

For more information on composting with Bokashi, read our FAQ page HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Caitlin Simons
Sustainable purchase with a positive impact on my home composting system

Dear WAWO Team,

The Bokashi Compost Bin that I purchased a few days ago has already changed the way that our family composts organic waste. Previously, we had taken it out to the garden and buried it under the earth- in hindsight, this was not a very effective method! Now using the Bokashi Bin, we can dispose of our kitchen waste sustainably and work to introduce it into our garden, helping in the growth of healthy vegetables and herbs. I am an Agricultural Engineering student at the University of KwaZulu Natal, and I have started to get my hands dirty where I can, and reading up on composting on your website has been very informative! I would recommend the Bokashi Compost Bin to anyone with a veggie garden, or who is thinking of starting one, or even just to reduce their household waste. Furthermore, I really appreciate the Body Wash that was a gift that came with the Compost Bin, it really is "tough on dirt, while being gentle on the earth and your skin." I also purchased the Earth Bokashi Refills. Thank you very much, and I will be sure to spread the word about WAWO, and be back again when I need another refill. Kind regards, Caitlin Simons