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Food Waste Caddy with MaterBi bags

The small Food Waste Caddy comes with a roll of 25 fully compostable Mater-Bi 7Lt liners, to make food/organic waste collection easy in your kitchen.

Using the certified Mater-Bi compostable bags, this Compost Caddy ensures that the bag aerates, which reduces the organic's water content (in essence, it dries the content), which results in the food waste not rotting and hence, not smelling.

Once full, you can drop off at your nearest composting facility or farm, or include it in your compost heap (ensure you break it up nicely in your compost heap, when you are turning your heap).

This includes: 1 x bin + 1 x roll of 25 bags

Bin Capacity: 7 litres

Bin Colour: green, with a clear lid and steel handle. 

Roll of 25 bags: certified Mater-Bi, 7L capacity.


You can reorder more compostable bags on this online store here:


This product is imported from Italy. Mater-Bi' liners conforms to the EU standards and has been certified by leading certification bodies to global standards. Download the Mater-Bi pamphlet and learn how this works HERE. For more information on the certifications, visit http://materbi.com/en/certifications/.



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review