Halo Designer Dish Cover sets

Beach House: Small Set of 3
Utensils: Large set of 3
Edible Flowers: Large set of 3

As a sister brand to SPAZA, Halo is renowned for its beautiful, locally-made reusable dish covers - which eliminate the use for cling wrap.

The beautiful prints are works of art created by up and coming South African artists.

WAWO is curently stocking the following range of prints:

- Beach house by Artist Miro Van der Vloed

- Utensils by Artist Gabriele Jacobs

- Edible Flowers by Anoushka

Supporting local artists while saving the planet from non-recycled cling wrap? It's a win-win :)

Shop for these prints in two Size Sets (see individual sizes below):

-a Small Set of 3: Jug, XS, S ; or

-a Large Set of 3: M, L, XL



Small Setcomprises of 1 of each:

Jug cover: 13cm 

XS (Extra Small): 16cm

S (Small): 18cm


Large Set comprises of 1 of each:

M (Medium): 26cm

L (Large): 30cm

XL (Extra Large): 34cm


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