Composting Worms
Composting Worms
Worm Oasis shown with the Tub of composting worms - Worm oasis sold separately.

Composting Worms

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Do you have a worm farm which you are wanting to expand or renew?

No problem, ordering these 500 useful composting worms will help you turn your organic waste to plant fertiliser in no time.

Farmed locally, these composting worms are proudly South African!

These Composting worms are the Eisenia Fetida or better known as the “red wiggler”. These are one of the most frequently used worms in vermiculture. The “red wiggler” is an; Extremely tough and adaptable worm tolerate a range of temperatures (Between 0 and 35 degrees). Breeds prolifically – can double their population every 2-3 months in good conditions. Readily recycle your organic waste – they can eat half their body weight per day.

What's in the Box:

1 x Reusable, Sealed Plastic Tub -Filled with approx. 500 worms

Tub measures 24 x 24 x 18cm High


Looking for a worm farm? Have a look at our Worm Oasis and Worm Tower - all comes with 1 x tub of 500 worms, a Coco coir brick (for the bedding) and a hessian blanket!


**Note we need 24 hours to get our hungry worms from the Farm!