Kitchen Craft Vintage Look Compost counter bin, 3L

Sage Green
Light Grey

Does your kitchen suit this Vintage look for a countertop compost bin?

Available in 3 colours, this quality alloy steel compost bin makes food scrap collection easy for composting - throw in your food / organic waste while cooking, to ensure it is kept separate and ready for your compost heap or your hungry worms.  The special charcoal filter keeps odours to a minimum. And with its attractive vintage look and compact footprint, it’s ideal for your kitchen worktop.


- Removable lid for trouble-free emptying

- Capacity 3 Litres

- Come with a long-lasting charcoal filter

- "Compost" printed on the front.

- Handwash only (without the filter)

- Indoor usage only.


Kitchen Craft is a global brand and hence this is an imported product.

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