Recycling Collectors South Africa

by Berenice Westmore September 01, 2022 1 min read

If you live in South Africa and know about Europe's long history in waste separation and recycling, you may think that "South Africa has no recycling collections, and therefore I can't recycle". And this is where you are wrong. (sorry)

Although South Africa's waste and recycling industry works indeed very differently to Europe (for many reasons), finding a company to come collect or to accept your recyclables is not as hard as you may think.

Postwink Recycling Solutions has been helping corporates and municipalities with waste separation since 2007 - and over the years, they have come to know many useful entrepreneurs and they have compiled a list of these companies that can assist with your recycling -even as a home owner.

You can visit the Postwink Recycling collector listing HERE.

Although the larger national waste management companies may not be for you as a home owner - calling up one of the smaller entrepreneurs on that list should help. 

And did you know that if you are doing a "home spring-clean", most of these entrepreneurs will do a once-off collection for disposing of your unwanted goods for recycling or upcycling (at a small fee).

Finally, you can also feel good whenever making use of these companies, as all sorting is done manually (unlike Europe which automates as much as possible) - which means that these entrepreneurs and companies are significant employers of general labour - which contribute positively towards reducing South Africa's overall unemployment.