Paper Recycling

by Berenice Westmore September 10, 2021 1 min read

Paper Recycling – some facts about paper & cardboard recycling

📃South Africa reached 70% of its 2020 Paper Recycling Target in 2017.

📃Unfortunately, China’s 2017 Import Ban and the past drought slowed down the progress.

📃Currently, we have more Paper Waste in South Africa than we manage to Recycle.

📃Leading Paper Recyclers have stopped accepting Mixed Paper (cereal & tissue boxes; magazines & newspapers; gift bags and toilet roll inners).

📃Paper Recyclers prefer White Paper as it’s made from better fibers and easier to de-ink.


♻️ Did you know that white office paper has the highest value to recycling collectors - so try to keep it dry and clean (so away from other dirtier waste), and un-shredded (unless there is confidential information printed on it) .

This is why many collectors will pay you a little something for white paper (depending on where you live and your volumes). 


♻️ Paper can be recycled into:

* White Office Paper ➡️ Tissue Products

* Brown Cardboard Boxes ➡️ Cardboard Boxes & Kraft Paper

* Liquid Packaging Board (paper cups) ➡️ Plastic Garden Furniture

* Mixed Paper ➡️ Various Applications (when de-inked)


Looking for a Paper Collector? Visit the Postwink database for a collector near you.