Glass recycling

by Berenice Westmore July 30, 2021 1 min read

Glass recycling – who are the players, where do we drop off, do we

take labels off (we don’t) & why can’t windscreens and tempered

glass be recycled.

Why shouldn’t I throw away glass? Well, when you recycle one glass bottle, you save enough energy to power a fluorescent light for seven hours! How impactful is that?

♻️ Recyclable Glass: 

Soft Drink, Juice & Water Bottles

Beer & Cider Bottles

Wine & Liquor Bottles

Food & Sauce Jars

Clear Drinking Glasses


These items are non-recyclable as they have different properties and ingredients to packaging glass. 

Automotive & Tempered Glass

Mirrors & Window Glass

Light Bulbs & Crystal Glass

Laboratory Glass

Ceramics & Ovenware


🥛Steps to Recycling:

  1. Remove Lids & Caps
  2. Rinse and Dry Jar or Bottle (if possible, and you're not going through a drought!)
  3. Find out if the item is Returnable
  4. Find a Glass Drop-Off Point near you (see below)
  5. Show your Family & Friends how to Recycle Glass


Did you know that if your recycling is collected by a Recycling Collector or the Municipality, and/or if you mix your glass with the rest of your recyclables - then this will be MANUALLY sorted between the various recyclable waste types - hence do NOT include broken glass.


Drop-Off Points to look out for:

♻️ Glass Banks (Normally Green Bins)

🏢 Municipal Drop-Off Points 

🏭 Buy-Back Centres

🏫 Selected Schools, Shopping Centre and Filling Stations


Find a Drop-Off Point on:

📍Sustainable Seas Trust Map


Find a Recycling Collector on: