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The Feel-Good Shopping Bag

Light Blue
Army Green

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These reusable shopping bags are sewn by small communities based in the Eastern Cape (Light Blue) and the small quaint town of Greyton (Dark Green) -hence, when you purchase these, you're helping them. This is why you can Feel-Good about buying and using these!

These are made from a parachute-type fabric, and hence are completely waterproof and tear-resistant. These have a small pocket and wrap up into a neat ball to fit nicely into your handbag. 

Colours available:

- Light Blue (Turquoise)

- Dark Green ("Army green")

- Black 


Due to the nature of the manufacturing, the bags' design can differ slightly from bag to bag (e.g. pocket can be at the exterior or the interior). But the quality of the products are not affected.

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