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Worm Tower

Composting means to recycle your food! If we recycle our food waste, and we recycle the regular dry "recyclables" (like glass, plastic, metals & paper products), then you will find very little going to landfills. Furthermore, composting is amazing for our soils - and soils give us life.  You don't have a garden, you say? No problem! Did you know you don't need a garden to have a worm farm?

The Worm Tower is a 3-tier worm farm, ideal for a larger family. 

It includes two working trays with an additional drainage tray (so it is a 3 tiers farm), and the sides have breathing vents. There is a built-in tap that collects the worm liquid which can be used on your garden. The unit is sold together with a coco coir block to be used in your worm bedding, a worm blanket, 500 composting worms and the instructions.


* 3 Tier system (Stackable layers)

* Worm Tea Collection tray with Tap

* Outer Size: 65 x 38x 60cm high 

* Colour: Black

* Material:  (Recyclable)

* Made in South Africa

* Includes:

* 500 x Worms 

* Coco Coir block (to use for the bedding)

* a Worm Blanket (to cover the top, keeping fruit flies away & keeping worms cool in summer (when wet))

* Easy-to-Understand Instruction Pamphlet

**Always keep your worm farm away from direct sunlight!

Looking for worms to add to your existing worm farm? Click here.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review