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Postwink Embraces a Circular Economy by renting out their bestselling recycling bins to Offices

by Berenice Westmore September 18, 2020 3 min read

Established in 2007, Postwink has been supplying recycling bins to the corporate and commercial sector, as well as schools, hotels and various South African municipalities. Before now, Postwink has been selling their quality equipment to clients outright – as the branded, colour-coded bins ensure waste separation at source, which in turn assist their clients with better recycling rates. However, the current model is being improved on, by including a rental model to the existing offering. And this rental model fits in perfectly with the principles of a Circular Economy.

A Circular Economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.* Hence, by renting out the range of Ecocylinder recycling bins, those durable bins remain in use for a very, very long time – reducing the need to manufacture new ones – and rather increasing the need to refurbish old ones. Furthermore, this model also results in lighting up the client’s expenses, as the monthly cost is much lower than a once-off purchase price. Hence, your company does the right thing for the planet, all the while freeing up your cash flow.

Some of the benefits of Renting instead of Buying

  • NO DEPOSITS and lower monthly costs
  • Renting frees up your working capital to invest in other investments
  • Once the contract expires, you have the option to renew, upgrade your bins or send back the units.
  • VAT is paid on the monthly rent, and not up front – which is, again, best for your cash flow.
  • Rentals are fully tax-deductible from your annual taxable profit.
  • Renting equipment does not affect your credit line facility or borrowing power as renting your bins becomes an “off the balance sheet” item.
  • Renting recycling bins gives you the flexibility to replace (or discontinue) using the Ecocylinders™ at the end of the contract period.
  • Lower costs means you can afford more recycling stations, which then also impacts on better recycling rates – as staff look for the closest bin to them.

In short, by renting your recycling bins, you have the opportunity to reduce your operational costs, free up working capital, improve your cash flow AND have the flexibility to replace old bins with new ones if you so wish to at the end of the period! And did we mention that recycling is the right thing to do?

Why Ecocylinders™ ?

Postwink has a large range of recycling bins – from steel units to cardboard bins. However, currently, Postwink is only renting out the range of round Ecocylinders™ . These come in a variety of waste options: from the regular recyclables (glass, paper, tin & cans, plastic) to general waste, food scraps for composting, PPE, household batteries, small e-waste and Coffee cup recycling options. Postwink has been manufacturing and distributing these units since 2009 and they have become one of Postwink’s bestsellers. They are versatile, sturdy, recognizable (making it easier to educate staff with) and they look at home in a wide range of interior design settings and buildings.

Pricing and Information

Unit prices start from R69 per month, depending on the Ecocylinder selected. Prices quoted are per unit per month, over a 12-month period, exclude VAT and first delivery – and include lid branding. No deposits are required, but terms and conditions do apply. Currently, only companies based in Cape Town or Gauteng can apply to rent for their own premises. Companies outside of these areas can still purchase Postwink’s full range of products, as before, as Postwink delivers nationally.

Interested companies should Contact Berenice on 079 491 7615 or berenicew@postwink.co.za or info@postwink.co.za, to find out more or to apply.

*reference on circular economy: https://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org